Ceramic Keratin Brush


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The keratin oil contained in the Ceramic Keratin brush helps to heal damaged hair by boosting it from the inside out. It restores the inner layers of the hair to create volume, body, bounce and shine. Maximum distribution of the keratin treatment through the hair thanks to the ceramic-infused strips. Ceramic barrel ensures faster drying, eliminates static and frizz, and leaves hair shiny and healthy. Start at the roots for a smoother result. Rubberized handle for non-slip control and great comfort.


  • Two ceramic-infused strips of firm bristles that:
      – Grasp the hair at the roots for increased smoothing performance
      –  Add tension for excellent handling and control
      –  Provide maximum distribution of the keratin treatment through the hair
  • Rubberized handle and grooved finger grips
  • Firm anti-static nylon bristles
  • Ultra-lightweight and ergonomic


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